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The top-rated show was so popular that it competed with Howard Stern.Doctor Dre left Hot 97 in 1998, but teamed with Ed Lover again to bring their radio show to KKBT in Los Angeles." data-reactid="63"In 1993, two years before "Yo!"My big job now is raising my kids," he told Yahoo! "I sat down with my kids and they said, 'No Dad, we want to see you do it.'"Ed Lover" data-reactid="73"No Face prior to joining "Yo!MTV Raps Today" as the co-host to Doctor Dre in 1989. " ended in 1995 after its seven year run, Ed Lover had launched a career as one of hip-hop radio's most prominent personalities." data-reactid="82"Ed Lover (James Roberts) was a member of the comical recording group No Face prior to joining "Yo!It's been 16 years since television's first national hip-hop show, "Yo!

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His works were featured this past summer at New York's Gallery 151 and Los Angeles' Art In The Streets.He was a creative force behind the 1983 movie "Wild Style," the first film about hip-hop culture and is pictured on the poster." data-reactid="33"Fab 5 Freddy (Fred Brathwaite) made such an impact as a member of the early 1980s New York graffiti crew The Fabulous 5 that he was invited to exhibit his paintings in Rome at Galleria Le Medusa with Lee Quinones.Rock stars like Blondie were so impressed with his work that he's referenced in the band's 1981 No.Gallery 151 and Los Angeles' Art In The Streets.

Though there was no "Hip-Hop Honors" ceremony in 2011, Freddy says the show will be back in the Spring 2012.His latest creations involve remixing preexisting photos.