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01-Nov-2017 03:06

Filtering criteria involve risk characteristics, serostatus, as well as a person’s appearance and other demographic characteristics (Davis, Bolding, Sherr, Hart, & Elford, 2004).

How men maneuver around risk scenarios on-line involves using chatting, messaging, and Internet-dating profiles for condom-use/non-use (Davis et al., 2004).

Navigation under the best circumstances is challenged by dating ritual, and sexual experiences and filtering of potential partners (Halkitis, Gomez, & Wolitski, 2005).

The process of relationship is complex as the Internet brings socio-structural factors of reducing feelings of alienation (Horvath et al., 2006), discourse and first experience (Agwu & Ellen, 2009; Bolding et al., 2007; Tikkanen & Ross, 2000) and high levels of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) (Bauermeister, Leslie-Santana, Johns, Pingel, & Eisenberg, 2011; Horvath et al., 2006; Tikkanen & Ross, 2000; van Kesteren, Hospers, & Kok, 2007).

An on-line survey entitled “The Men’s Sexual Health Survey” was available to all men visiting selected gay/MSM websites, chatrooms, and personal ads in 2005. An on-line questionnaire was developed using Microsoft Front Page and Access software.Americans search for romance on the Internet and according to responders of the Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, about 16 million (11%) of the total Internet population have used the Internet to meet people online (Madden & Lenhart, 2006).On-line daters are defined as Internet users meeting people on-line or who have gone to an on-line dating website.Ross (2005) noted that negotiation may be easier on the Internet due to the lack of embarrassing social cues and lowered impact of rejection.

MSM do not seek HIV infection, although the complex phenomena of ‘barebacking’ is to have intentional unsafe anal sex (Halkitis & Parsons, 2003; Shernoff, 2006).

Filtering is manifested on the Internet rather than negotiated face-to-face (FTF).