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24-Aug-2017 13:44

Racist comments she never made were attributed to her.

Posts listed her professors’ e-mail addresses, instructing readers to tell them about Mayer’s “sickening racist rants.” Someone set up a Twitter account in Mayer’s name that claimed she fantasized about rape and rough sex. Mayer could not even guess the identity of the posters.

She enjoyed interacting with her readers and commenting on other blogs; it provided a support system and sounding board for her ideas.

Before school began, she searched her name and found posts describing her as a “stupid, ugly fat whore” who “couldn’t take a hint from a man.” Anonymous posters listed her e-mail address, phone number, and dating site profiles.

Fake online advertisements list victims’ contact information and availability for sex.

Their nude photos appear on sites devoted to exacting revenge.

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Their social security numbers and medical conditions are published for all to see.Cyber stalking usually has a more narrow meaning: an online “course of conduct” that either causes a person to fear for his or her safety or would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety.

Karen gets through her debut and the season ends with the closing number being applauded by the audience.… continue reading »

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