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Former Chief Executive Ben Summerskill has commented: "We are not a 'democratic' organisation ...We seek to develop all our work, and policy positions where appropriate, by building as wide a consensus as possible among lesbian, gay and bisexual people." Stonewall has regional offices for all of Great Britain: Stonewall in GB is based in London, Stonewall Scotland has headquarters in Edinburgh, and Stonewall Cymru (Stonewall Wales) is in Cardiff and north Wales.Our ladies like to chat and meet people and lay deliciously tasty free range eggs.Find Out More The market garden at Leckie Leaves produces a tasty range of mixed leaf salad...

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In a column for the Guardian published shortly after the Leckie nomination, trans campaigner Natacha Kennedy asserted that Stonewall was "holding back transgender equality", highlighting the Bindel and Leckie nominations and its then-opposition to equal marriage, claiming that trans people are unable to join despite the fact "a lot of them were central to the 1969 Stonewall riots", and criticising the use of the pejorative term "tranny" as "short for transgender" in the anti-homophobia play Fit.

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despite previously maintaining a "a strict distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity", with Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt saying that "historically, we thought it was the right thing to do" but that she has now changed her mind, saying that: "We recognise the impact of mistakes we have made in the past.

The discovery of a letter had led to his sexual orientation being disclosed and he was subjected to an investigation and thrown out of the army.